#MotivationMonday: Jaden "JJ" Jones

At the Big Heart Fund, we recognize that while we provide support to CVICU families in the most heartbreaking times of their lives, it's the patients and their families that are the true superheroes. The strength, bravery, and resilience of even the littlest fighters, inspire us every single day. To honor them, we will begin occasionally highlighting our CVICU heroes on our BHF Blog.

Today's #MotivationMonday spotlight goes to precious JJ. He received a heart transplant earlier this year and has been an absolute rockstar in his recovery! His mom, Angel, talked to us about the impact your support has had on their experience.

"The Big Heart Fund is important. Not only does it provide monthly dinners in the CVICU that allow you to sit and talk with other families dealing with the same heart issues, but the Big Heart Fund also helps with many other things like the Buzzy Bee purchased for JJ so his blood draws are much more manageable. Our favorite program is Kellen's Capes for Kids (which JJ is a proud owner of) because it is a reminder of just how strong and resilient the kids really are and how they are superheroes after everything they have been through."

We are so happy that JJ is doing well and enjoying his superhero cape! It is truly our pleasure to make an impact on the amazing families of the CVICU. Join us as we continue to cheer on JJ in his recovery!

To make a difference in the lives of little superheroes like JJ, click here.